Stephanie A. Smith:     

I'm sure anyone can assume what to think when looking at a bare body, but no one is actually brave enough to fight the odds of showing a different perspective of what it means to be naked. I found Chuck on Instagram. It was the raw simplicity of naked models that captured me. Being a young woman its hard to be naked and not be judged. They call you “slut” “instagram model” or just tell you you’re doing “too much”, but me being who I am…I took a chance. Because I’m all about taking chances to make change. And when I saw Chuck…I saw art that was on its way to beaming bigger to make a change in what we may call our society. He captured the most beautiful pictures of vulnerability, and it intrigued me so much…I had to ask him if we could collaborate.
When we were shooting there was the connection. The chemistry that I had with him was very intimate, but not. There was a respectable boundary…but I feel like I knew him all my life, like I could trust him. Being naked was almost even forgotten about. He makes you feel like you’re not even naked. Which is crazy because I’ve worked with photographers who made it a point to let you know you’re attractive and would strip me with their eyes. With him its different. We had such deep conversations…that once I left it really felt like I had someone to count on. He really is passionate about what he does, and it not only shows through his work…but through his conversation. The fact that he even cares what I felt about my experience with him was even like.
I'm not writing this to talk you into believing he’s nothing more than an artist…I'm doing it because I really do love him. There's nothing more I really could say other than I feel blessed to have met and even have the chance to shoot with him. He’s a God fearing man with repeat for the human body. He’s talented, beautiful, brave, and by far the most peaceful energy I have ever encountered.
Love you Chuck

Betsali Vera-Aguilar:
When you need to capture photos from a special occasion you hire a photographer, when you want to capture the feelings from that special occasion you hire Wilmore Photography!!! His attention to detail creates a story with the memories he captures and will help you relive the moment all over again! Thanks Wilmore Photography for making our wedding a timeless memory!


Chelsea Vasquez:
My experience was great!! You were very professional and you're very comfortable to be around. Everything is laid back and easy going which I love. It was just such a chill scene. And your work is amazing. You're a true artist with that lens.


Alycia Molinelli:
Chuck has been capturing memories of my family for years now. Each time he takes pictures of my children and family is such a wonderful experience.  He is very accommodating and willing to travel wherever necessary to take extraordinary shots of our family. The first time Chuck captured memories was early in his photography career, while doing a shoot of my oldest son. The pictures were phenomenal!  He did a shoot of our extended family and he did exactly what we asked for while offering his expertise to make it an unforgettable experience. Chuck made time to come to my house after my youngest was born for a photo shoot. He is easy to work with and very professional. He is blessed with an eye for creativity. I would highly recommend him.


Sadiyyah Means:
I had nothing to worry about when it came to a great Photographer the day of our wedding besides enjoying every moment until we became “Mr & Mrs”.  From the first time I reached out to Chuck Wilmore he was very prompt in getting back to us and very professional AT ALL TIMES.  Chuck asked a few questions about my husband and I,  which I thought was very good because he showed he wanted to know his clients and make sure he captures the LOVE we share and not just on our Wedding Day.  Wilmore Photo was very timely in getting the pictures back to me and I was so happy and overjoyed when I saw how beautiful our pictures were.  One thing for sure my wedding was everything I expected and with Wilmore Photo I know I can always go back and look at how my wedding day was such a Blessed & Beautiful day!


Julia Gibe:

So I'm sitting at a bar alone tonight. Perfect time to think. And I know this may seem off. I don't generally put my shit so deep out there. However, I wanted to talk about why my time spent w Chuck Wilmore is amazing. At a pretty rough time of my life I transported Chucks father. He was amazing. Just like Chuck. Easy going. Well mannered. Chill guy. We talked about Chuck a lot in that rig. I left that night with a smile. I found out shortly thereafter Chuck lost him. I was so happy to have met this man who shaped Chuck Wilmore. I truly felt for this kid I dicked around with in TV class. During this time I was seeking serious help. I was trying hard to accept where I had been in life. The wrongs I had done. And be ok with the person I was attempting to shape into. I realized I had to forgive myself to move forward. I had to forgive those who had wronged me to move forward. To be successful. To be a positive contributor to my life, my sons, my families and my friends....society. I'm learning. Everyday. To tie this all together Chuck and I have started to work on some things. Click on some things. I have watched him grow. Explore. Knowing this has to, partially come from hardship, and from the man I was given this amazing opportunity to meet in his last few days. Thank you Chuck. You're work doesn't go unappreciated. I get it. And I am so happy to be a part of it. You are a part of my healing process. This shot hits home. No need not to speak. Not to accept. And not to be ok. Forgiveness is freeing. Free yourself. Okay. I'm done. 

Katelyn Mach: 
My photo shoot with Charles was great! I felt comfortable while we were shooting and it was truly a collaboration in vision.  I left feeling like the photos reflected who I am as a person, but of course with that shine that only a professional photographer can add! An overall wonderful experience and one I would recommend
Jeri McBride:
I was blessed to have booked the honeymoon for the #Forever Duncan phenomenon. I had never met them so our first encounter was going to be a very pivotable moment for me and my career!  I needed a good photographer, but I ended up with the BEST! Wilmore photography exceeded all my expectations! Chuck paid attention to all the details and he captured that with every picture he took. I am forever grateful! Thank you Wilmore photography for capturing the moments that will last me a lifetime.
Anna Alvarado:
Chuck is so pleasant to work with! I felt safe and comfortable the moment we started. By the second time we worked together it was like catching up with an old friend.
Alexis Cartegena:
I have had the pleasure of working with Chuck Wilmore as a model and as a customer. In both instances, I am a huge fan. Chuck has an impeccable eye and captures images that are not only beautiful but natural in their own element. He has the ability to freeze time and capture those moments we treasure forever. He is personable and makes things easy and comfortable. I highly recommend and will again hire Chuck Wilmore Photography for any occasion.
Stephanie Rescinito:
From the moment I walked into the Wilmores home to the moment I left, I felt like a QUEEN!!! I was welcomed with such happiness and was pampered the whole day! I enjoyed Chucks wonderful sense of humor and Iza's creative mind! They are the best team! (Good thing they are married!) I never felt more beautiful ever. Fantastic experience!!!! Love them and their work!!!!!

Jerrica Lau:
I remember the day like it was yesterday; although this was two years ago. We were on the phone while Chuck was explaining directions to were the shoot location was. Little did I know we were actually sneaking into a condo complex down in olde city. We snuck on the roof top and had the best conversations about anything and everything.

I felt like I knew Chuck from how we gotten along. Although it took us another two years to finally shoot again, our friendship picked up from where we had left off. I'm proud to have met such a photographer I can trust.
Especially since our style of art are so different from one another. A true artist can appreciate another man's art.

Lauren Taniguchi:
Chuck helped us capture a fleeting moment in our family's history with gorgeous maternity photos we will cherish forever. Although we were nervous about having professional pictures shot, Chuck immediately put us at ease and quickly made us excited to see ourselves through his uniquely artistic perspective. We shot in the humble setting of my parents' yard and adjacent fields, but the photos look like we must have traveled hours away to find such a perfect location. It takes a talented artist to create photography such as this -- not to be confused with just "taking pictures" -- and Chuck offers a distinct eye, creative approaches, and enviable technical skills to deliver such artistry. Now that our son has been born, our maternity photos are even more special in helping us to remember the joy and excitement we felt as we awaited the birth of our first child. We are truly grateful to Wilmore Photography for such an enjoyable experience and special memories caught so elegantly on film. 
Lauren Taniguchi and Paul Padgett III
Kristen Adams Figueroa:
A year ago this week, I was contacted by Iza and Charles because I had won a makeover and photo session. It came at a pivotal point in my life- I had been battling with myself over giving up weaves and relaxers and embracing my "natural" self. I met up with Iza and she had this vision of denim and hoops and curls and I was like "okay, go for it" and it was well worth it. She was confident in her skills, and girl from next door with her conversation and she really put me at ease with her she had in mind and her skill set. It helped me take my next steps in my journey.
And Charles- wow. He takes his wife's canvases and makes them art. Her ability to take color and texture and detail and his ability to showcase and highlight each aspect is just amazing. It was a blessing to be a part of such a talented duos work. They were able to show me "me"- that the beauty I feel on the inside can be reflected on the outside.
Cierra Vann:
Simply amazing!!  From beginning to end Charles is simply amazing.  I've worked with him on 3 different occasions and I couldn't ask for a better experience!  Punctual.  Professional.  Personable. VERY KID FRIENDLY!  There's no one else I'd recommend to help capture memories you'll treasure for years and years to come other than Charles.
Javonne Scott:
Absolute awesome experience.. My family and I enjoyed our photo shoot... Our pictures were breathtaking and we didn't have to wait long to receive them.. Will definitely use Wilmore Photo in the future.
Angelica Diaz:
Working with the Wilmore team was always a fun experience. Chuck is very creative and has an eye for what will make the photo speak. Always a pleasure!
Amber Pierce:
I had a destination wedding and was skeptical about using a photographer on the resort.  My husband recommended Chuck and it was a plus because his wife does makeup and hair.  I agreed because I knew my husband wouldn’t steer me wrong and we couldn’t have picked a better photographer.  I was completely amazed at how beautiful my wedding photos were.  He captured every shot that I could think of and to this day I look at my pictures in awe.  We loved his work so much that he later did my maternity pictures, my baby shower photos, and my baby boy’s newborn photos.  What makes it even better is his wife is an amazing makeup artist who had my hair and make-up looking flawless for my wedding and maternity photos.  His prices are reasonable and he’s very professional, but also personable and makes taking photos fun.  I would definitely recommend him to everyone and he will always be my family’s photographer.  Amazing Work!
Ashley Gonzalez:
Booking Wilmore Weddings was the best decision I made while I was planning my wedding! Not only did he do an amazing job on my photos, he was also so down to earth! He was a ninja taking shots I didn't even know he saw or ones that I didn't even remember! I can't thank him enough I will treasure my photos forever!
Jody Dellaquilla:
We decided to hire Wilmore Photography for our fall family photos! It was the best decision we ever made! He made it so much fun and worked well with the kids! Chuck is so great to work with. You can see it in his eyes when he is thinking of what pose to do next. He has so much passion for what he does and it shows in every photo! We are already thinking about our next photo shoot! The shots that he captured are ones we will forever cherish! You can not go wrong by choosing Wilmore Photography! Reasonably priced, worked around our schedule and last but not least we had our photos within 5 days! Thanks chuck for a great experience we look forward to doing business again! I think we found our wedding photographer!!
Heather Etter:
Charles was patient, accommodating and efficient.  Picture taking with a six month baby can be a struggle, but Charles kept Elia distracted and captured each great moment.  I will continue to have Charles photograph my family for any future occasions.
Jasmine Y. Soto:
 I'm so pleased to share my experience with the photographer, Chuck Wilmore. I had been looking for a photographer for a while, but I was afraid that they wouldn't understand what it was I wanted. But that wasn't the case with Chuck Wilmore. When I told him what I had on my mind, he gave me some suggestions and guidance that had worked out perfectly with what I had in mind. During my photo session, I felt comfortable, and no pressure. He took his time and eased my anxiety. I have to also add that he even brought in his wife to help with my makeup. The were amazing working as a team. Overall, my expectations were exceeded and it was the perfect closure for the ending of a big chapter in my life. I highly recommend his services.
Melissa Cortes:
My photo journey with Charles Wilmore began back in 2012. What started
only as simple mother-daughter pictures with just a "photographer", has turned
into working with what I'd like to call a "divine patron" that makes magical encounter every time we meet. Not only does he capture the essence of my family's happiness and beauty, he also puts his heart in his art. Mr. Charles Wilmore is not only the best at what he does, he loves what he does.. it reflects in his work. He's truly amazing, truly inspirational, and truly loved by my family. We are grateful to have met him.
Samantha Aderholdt:
What can I say, Chuck is great to work with! He is very easy going, creative, flexible and professional. Above all, he is very passionate about what he does and it shows in photographs. Being the type A bride I was, I had plans for certain photos on the big day, which was thwarted by the rain; Chuck quickly came up with a plan B and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. One other aspect I appreciated about Chuck was that during our wedding day he wasn’t intrusive – he allowed my husband and I to truly enjoy our day and our time with our guests without sacrificing those important moments you’d like to capture on your big day. We were so pleased with our photos that when it came time to photograph our maternity moment there was no question about who we were going to ask!  
Eliza Afanador:
All I can say is wow! The photos are fantastic! You captured those moments of pain, hurt, sadness and my true self. Thank you so much.. I wanna cry right now.