Out Of The Closet (Good Riddance Winter)

Man, I've missed talking to you guys! Sorry for the long delay and absence of new material, but as Michael Jordan once simply said, I'm back!

-Your's Truly


It's been a long few months since the turn of the year which, for us has included a series of changes, both personally and professionally. In fact, I don't think there can be personal change without some sort of simultaneous change occurring professionally. Especially for creatives. Who we are and how we develop informs everything that we do. There is no such thing as "split personality" or living a "double life" We're all just multifaceted individuals whose core influences all aspects of ourselves while the expression of all that is miscellaneous. While many of us are hesitant to embrace that fact we subconsciously and sometimes consciously limit ourselves to a single arena, fearful that we may come off contradictory. The trick is to accept that none of us are one dimensional. There's more to all of us than has been seen by others or even discovered by ourselves.

The process of learning and discovery is what we call maturing. These last few months of the "off season" have been one of our most difficult ever. With so many major life adjustments taking place it was a challenge not to lose focus on the creative and business side of things. Our upcoming work will hopefully reflect our maturity as well as our deepened hope developed through this period. We don't necessarily want to teach our audience. We want to grow with them. Since we're all constantly growing and evolving, let's just do it together and learn from one another. We don't desire a pedestal or to be especially distinguished. So if you've ever connected in some way with us or our work...If you've ever felt inspired, look forward to more of the same with an extra dose of love, more authenticity, and other intangibles that we hope just make you feel good.

Already this year we've had to "slay some giants" but we've licked our wounds long enough. We're ready to tell you all about it through our art. Spring has sprung and we're back with new energy and new passion for our clients and collaborators. We're excited for the wedding season and proud to offer new products and options to you guys. Stay tuned! Thank you to everyone who's still here with us. Let's finish what we started.. Redefine the terms. Reassign the roles. Reevaluate our opinions. Amuse, intrigue, inspire. 

We love you! 

-Chuck & Iza


You didn't think we'd swing by without dropping off some new work did you...


Iza Wilmore - @wilmoremakeup - Wardrobe/Makeup/Hair